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    Official Guild Rules Empty Official Guild Rules

    Post  Lunch on Thu Jul 22, 2010 9:27 pm

    After a little while of pondering, we came up with following rules for the guild. They are still open for modifications as guild grows and changes, but we hope these rules being sufficient enough.

    Privacy: Maybe you do not wish to talk about your private issues to all and everyone on the server but perhaps only share them with other guild members. We understand that people come and people go, but with all respect would like to devote this forum for members who are serious about being in this guild.

    Guildchat: Please mind your way of talking, for it's forbidden to swear out of good manners and common sense. Nor is swearing a good example especially to younger RO players. Naturally, accidents can happen sometimes, and we can well understand that.

    Attitude: Remember to respect your guildmates and their opinions. With this in mind, you can freely express yours. There is no right or wrong opinion or solution, and hopefully we all can learn something new from each other.

    Why do we have these rules?
    • for privacy & mutual trust
    • as a guideline
    • for everyone to have an enjoyful time playing RO

    Forum Bans: We keep the right to ban players who are inactive or unstable, left the guild, or for other reasons we consider necessary.

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